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Monthly Archives: December 2016

About The Maldives Past

For most of its past, the Maldives has been lucky in being a free from international domination. Earlier to becoming self-governing in 1965, the Maldives was a British territory in 1887. The Maldives was a sultanate through it’s called past, but became a state in 1968. The head of the Island that is the president is chosen in 5 years by public votes. The Maldives is associated with the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the South Asian Association of Regional Co-Operation, the World Trade Organization, the Asian Development Bank and many other UN bodies.

The national language is Dhivehi, which is different to the Maldives. Although, a major part of people speak English here, Divehi language is similar to the language of Sri Lanka. Combined with Sinhala, Divehi presents a special subgroup in the contemporary Indo-Aryan languages which is known as Insular Indo-Aryan.

Whereas previously it was considered that Divehi was a successor of the Sinhalese language, in 1969 a famous philologist M. W. S. de Silva stated first time that Dhivehi and Sinhalese have split off from an ordinary mother language. He speaks that “the initial Indic component in Maldivian is not so much a consequences of branching off from Sinhalese as a result of a concurrent division with Sinhalese from the Indian languages of the mainland of India”. S. Fritz has lately reached the similar end in a comprehensive study of the language. De Silva passed on to the Dravidian affects seen in the Dhivehi language like in an ancient site names. De Silva’s theory is assisted by the old Prince Vijaya as suggested in the Mahavamsa as if this legend is to be considered, the relocation of Indo-Aryan migrants to the Maldives and Sri Lanka from the mainland (India) must have held at the same time.

Maldives has now developed a lot and considered as the best holiday destination in the world. People from all over the world visit the Island to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. Come and know more about the interesting past of Maldives, which brings curiosity inside you.

Tips to Prepare for an Island Vacation

Get cheap and discounted airfare

Not all island destinations are cheap! For instance, if you’ve decided to opt in for Santorini in Greece, then you need to be prepared to take on the expenses that might be a tad bit high. Hence, in order to save for the tour it makes sense that you opt in for the very cheap international flight tickets that will help you to save big and also fly cheap to your choicest island destination. Furthermore, if you have extra savings you can decide on a couple of last moment activities like – buying an extra souvenir, taking a food tour, extending a day more in your vacation and the like.

Make a travel list and carry your maps

Many people think that an island destination is all about the sea! There’s more to it than the pristine beaches. For instance, if you choose Bali as your island destination then other than the sea waters you will have plenty of villages, ancient rock temples, market places and other sites to explore. Hence, it makes sense that you make a travel list and carry maps in order to travel easily and safely.

Carry the correct attires

Everyone that opts in for an island vacation goes with the objective to enjoy the sea! Without this the vacation seems absolutely impossible. So it is essential to carry appropriate clothing. So carry your casuals along with your beachwear. This is because not every time d you would want to swim the sea. So to enjoy a serene walk on the beach a pair of cotton casuals and slippers is the best accessory. In addition to that, carry sunscreen lotions, shades, hats, an extra pair of beach dress, dry edibles and other allied accessories that is needed when you are making it to the beach.

One of the most important things that travelers must carry is their camera. This is because when in an island vacation there’s plenty of scope for panoramic views, that needs to be captured in the lens and kept as a memorable keepsake for all times.

Ooty Tour Packages

Ooty is a well known for being an amazing hill station in Tamil Nadu (India) that attracts tourists in huge numbers. This has become the delightful Ooty Honeymoon Tour Packages to enjoy. You can simply Spend few nights together in the place of Coonnoor tea resorts if you wish to enjoy the aroma of the fresh tea and home-made chocolates that gives the kindle of love and romance of the newlyweds, while the flavour of which will lasts forever. You can even visit it with the best affordable Honeymoon Packages to have a memorable honeymoon trip. This single spot is capable of more than a 100 attractions in India that has been captivating beauty all around.

Among the beautiful attractions in Ooty, Nigeria Hills seems to be a major attraction. The packages are having been the most peaceful and memorable holiday, and is well-known for the striking beauty. The most eye-catching Nilgiri hills, also known as ‘Blue Mountains’, are the most visited hill stations in India, where travellers can rest at the verdant valleys of the Nilgiris. Thus, Udhagamandalam becomes the best place for the excitement. The place of Nilgiri ranges from the lush green valleys, as well as the serenity that rejuvenates the exhausted urban dwellers.

The heavenly beauty of the Nilgiris can become difficult to explain, it is just an awesome place to visit, and a favourite destination of the both local and international tourists. In order to enjoy the breathtaking landscape, people from all over India and abroad visit Ooty every year and enjoy the great refreshments that the nature offers. Only thing that helps you visit is the best Ooty tour packages that include all the facilities for your comfort stay. Ooty is found to be an ideal special night goal which is the most romantic place for the honeymooners. If you are the first time visitor to this great tourist destination, follow the guide to reach Ooty, and know exactly how to reach, what to eat, as well as what are the things to do in Ooty, different attraction, etc. To Book Ooty Honeymoon Holidays, you must do advance booking, as people across the world visit Ooty. Thus, to receive all the facilities, approach the travel agencies or tours and travels, to enjoy the holidays at Ooty.

You will find several things to do in Ooty, and you can even book wedding trip packages for Ooty. It is only the package tour that helps you to make more fun at an affordable price. While, the packages include 2 days and 1 night, 3 days and 2 nights, etc. depends upon the pack you choose. Package tour includes everything from accommodation to food and other facilities. You will be given resorts or deluxe room in the star hotels. So, you can stay with all the comfort at this place. First day, you will rest till noon, then you will be taken to the different types of attractions such as wildlife adventures like Bandipur, as well as Nagarhole Sanctuaries including Periyar Wildlife Sanctuaries. Regardless of these, there are other beautiful places to visit, and you can simply visit Ooty via Ooty honeymoon package. You can check out the best Ooty honeymoon packages price to enjoy most!

Carpooling Around Europe

A faster, cheaper and comfortable journey that contributes to a greener environment. Thanks to many advantages of the car-sharing system, it is more popular in France within the entire continent of Europe. Have you tried it already?

In the mid-2000’s, Covoiturage was already a well-established and preferred way of travelling in Western Europe, for example in Switzerland and France. On the other hand, most of the people were not even aware about it. I remember precisely, as I started to use site covoiturage France in 2009, my family and friends were worried about my safety. But I always reassured them: if we consider to whom we join in the car, it is not more dangerous than travelling alone on a plane or on a train. Since then, I only gained positive experiences during my trips. But how exactly the system work? What guarantees a safe arrival?

Fast and cheap

France is the pioneer of Covoiturage; you would find many companies offering this service around the clock. The aim is to share the fuel costs with the travellers and to find a nice company for the long way. The passengers can enjoy the trip in a pleasant atmosphere and travel cheaper, comfortable and even from door to door. All we need is a free registration.

The drivers can give detailed information about the trip. The “virtual hitchhiker” can see the model of the car, the opportunity to carry packages or bicycle with, the availability of seats and child seat, etc. Both drivers and passengers have to create a profile with a picture and a short introduction to build trust. The user can tell more about himself, e.g. if he likes to talk, what kind of music he prefers, what his hobby is, does he smoke. After the reservation, the passengers can see the car registration number and the phone number of the driver. The contribution to the travelling expenses already appears on the screen during the search and it is usually cheaper than an adult train or bus ticket.

Furthermore, carpooling offers a great opportunity to get to know new people, since simple reservations already turned into relationships and even marriages. During the trips, from foreigners might become friends, colleagues, relationships. Of course, small talks are not forced, but according to my experiences there are many nice drivers and everybody has an interesting story to tell.

Trust and safety

Of course, many people don’t trust these kind of novelties and just like hitchhiking, they find it dangerous. Nevertheless, several functions of the system guarantee the safe travelling. Before choosing a driver or a passenger, it is possible to read each other’s profile. Beside a short introduction and a picture, we can see the ratings from previous travellers and drivers. This makes the choice easier and is necessary to build a trust with the other passengers. The rating on site covoiturage France, has different aspects: we can rate safety, comfort, punctuality, politeness and communication. Moreover, there are applications for women where female drivers can decide to accept only female passengers.

On the other hand, many sites emphasise on the importance of green thinking. They wish to contribute to a greener environment with reducing carbon emission and traffic jam.

Finally, my personal advice, it is useful to tell a family member or a friend, with whom and where we travel, what is the name and phone number of the driver, what is the car’s registration number, etc. This way, we can feel safer and maybe our parents and friends will also nod approval to this ways of travelling.