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Exploring Morocco

There’s something deeply oriental about Morocco! Think about this place and the obvious image that will flash in the mind is that of “Arabian Nights”, gypsy dancers, Persian rugs, local businessmen selling Turkish jeweleries and the scrumptious flaky pastries. And if imagination has a tune, then the harp would play as background music. That’s the world of Morocco for you in a nutshell – culturally rich, aesthetically beautiful and vibrant in terms of the overall ambience. The popular tourist sites here reflect the French and Spanish colonial essence on one hand and cosmopolitan charm on the other end with cities like Casablanca.

Visiting Morocco and exploring its travel destinations can be an enriching experience if you plan it wise and smart! And for all those that want to explore this place in a budget friendly way can opt in for the very cheap airfare offered by

Three Best Places to Explore in Morocco

Marrakesh Medina

One place that will throw open the Moroccan grandeur to you is Marrakesh Medina. It is an ancient city that welcomes travelers from across the world and is popular for its Djemma el-fna Square. Visit Marrakesh and you can feel the Moroccan splendour come out alive as you walk through the city streets. During your evening walk on the streets you can have a look at the traditional musicians, trained acrobats, snake charmers and stall vendors on the streets. The apparent energy of this place is high and the vibe is a happy one that will make you want to stay here more.


Asilah is a popular sea facing resort town that has an interesting history and it goes back to the Phoenician era that dates back to 1500 BC. During the 19th and 20th centuries, this place was a prominent residence for the pirates. There are several fortifications that are present here. Located on the northern cost of Morocco, Asilah happens to be a popular summer destination for travelers and tourists. Visitors that want to escape out the crowds can be here during the spring or fall season. In addition to that, here travelers will come across the whitewashed buildings that add to the scenic beauty. Towards, the southern part of the town there is Paradise Beach which is a popular tourist haunt.


This is called the blue city owing to the blue shaded archaic buildings present here. Located near to Tangier Chefchaouen is one of the best travel destinations in Morocco. For travelers that have a fetish for handicrafts and blankets with the Moroccan ethnic designs, there’s no better place than Chefchaouen. This is a place to buy some of the best souvenirs and gifts from. In addition to that Goat Cheese too is popular here that can be purchased if you want to posses something that is unique to this city.