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Romantic Travel Destinations

1. Italy

Italy or we should say, ‘the home of romance’ is a top romantic getaway destination in the world.

Be it Tuscany, where sunshine bathes the hills and your lover in its golden haze or Amalfi, which is an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape where coastal mountains plunge into the sea in a stunning vertical scene of precipitous crags, picturesque towns, and lush forests, you are in for a treat of your lifetime! And just in case Tuscany with its holiday bonhomie seems too crowded for you, head for Puglia for its quieter beaches and fabulous food that works deep magic for romantic evenings.

So, if you’re in the mood for love, you just can’t give Italy with its picturesque seaside villages, beautiful countryside, lakes, historic cities, quaint hotels, and restaurants a miss!

2. Netherlands

One of the most beautiful cities you will ever visit in your lifetime is the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam!

You can cruise the canals and dawdle in the park; sip sundowners under a canopy of green, dine by candlelight, looking out over fairy-lit bridges.

There are brilliant canvases to lose yourself in, comfortable bistros to dream away the evening, shops to sprinkle out in, and bounty to warm the heart. And it’s all cosy and small-scale, which means no time wasted on stressful getting about – just gentle strolls, quiet moments, the water, graceful gables, and each other!

3. Indonesia

A romantic paradise awaits you on the Indonesian island of Bali. From welcoming beaches, terraced rice fields and lush green highlands to a spiritual Hindu culture and village traditions that have stayed unaltered throughout centuries, this is a magical experience to endure forever with each other.

The movie Eat, Pray, Love, featured this tropical paradise as a destination for soul-searchers and anyone looking to indulge in spiritual guidance, transformative culture, tranquillity, and lush landscapes. Watch it in case you need some motivation to plan the trip!

4. Switzerland

With its flawless scenery and incredibly famous chocolatiers, Switzerland has a bounty to brag about when it comes to romance.

With its unimaginable mountain views, sensational scenes and whimsical hotels, Switzerland offers a portion of the world’s best romantic getaways. So whether you’re searching for a comfortable wooden cabin or an extravagant weekend, there’s always something to do up in the fantastic Swiss Alps.

Beyond featuring some of the best ski places in the world, most resorts offers gourmet restaurants, spa facilities, musical performances, golf courses, designer shops, and outdoor activities like mountain climbing.

5. France

France is a nation for those in love and for those true romantics who wish to breathe the magical air of this country. The vast majority of us associate France with romance, fine manners, elegant luxury and refined taste. France is mysterious and unique at the same time.

Be it a trip to Paris or Nice, romance is guaranteed!

6. Hawaii

From breath-taking natural beauty, to refreshing and rejuvenating warm and tranquil waters there is no spot on earth quite like Hawaii. The six extraordinary islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveller.

Whether you plan to spend your holidays in Honolulu, Kaui or Oahu, all its islands provide a perfect base for enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer. Hold hands and watch the sun dip below the horizon, enjoy a romantic candlelit dining, walk or sunbathe on white sandy beaches, or try climbing a volcanic crater or surfing the best waves. There is so much to do together!