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Tips and Tricks to Plan Honeymoon

A Honeymoon is the first trip taken together as husband and wife. A honeymoon trip is an exotic moment you have been waiting a long time for. Make sure to decide on the perfect place to spend quality time with your better-half. Proper planning is needed to make it as a trip of a lifetime and exotic one. Refer websites, magazines, and reviews before you take a decision about destination or resorts. Keep in mind you are selecting the destination for the two of you. Your partner’s preference should also be considered.

What all you need to plan?

Foremost of all, you need to know the tastes and interests of your fiancee. Take into account of your perceptions about travel as well. Remember honeymoon planning should be a combined effort between the couple. Choose a perfect place by considering the common interests i.e., whether they should go the beach, the hill station, a honeymoon on the cruise /houseboat, treehouse stay or something more adventurous, a place far away or near to your home. Based on the common interest, make a list of destination best matching it and from that select a right destination for the two of you.

After confirming the destination, figure out how many leaves you both have in total. And in that how many days you need for wedding purposes say, say shopping, parlour visits, wedding day, receptions, family get-together, and for other parties. From that find out how many days you can give to the honeymoon trip. Saving those dates on mind, go through the websites and travel journals to find out more hotels or resorts in the preferred destination. It is advisable to give yourself some time between the big day and the honeymoon trip. Decide on whether you require a romantic resort offering many facilities or a hotel. Resorts are always the most popular honeymoon destinations. They provide attractive honeymoon tour packages. Resorts are often sited on picturesque places and providing pools, private beaches, relaxing spas, indoor as well as outdoor activities with appetizing culinary. User Reviews with photographs will be very much worthwhile while taking decision about accommodation.

Now it is high time to set up the budget. Check the transportation and accommodation tariff and chart out a rough budget for the trip. Booking your ticket in advance not only saves money but also from the tension of not getting tickets on the tentative dates you planned your trip. If you are planning a vacation abroad better book your ticket at least 4- 5 months in advance and for travelling within the country, book at least 2 months earlier. You can save a lot of money if you are going to a particular destination during the offseason.

Bring all the things you need such as apparels, matching accessories, camera, to ensure you get to live out the vacation as you dreamed. Romance is all that sharing time with each other, having fun, considering partner’s choice more than yours, giving small surprises, exploring new places, take part in exciting activities together and to experience real fun. Make sure you plan little surprises during the trip to see the cheerfulness and amazement in your partner’s eyes. And please be away from the laptop, phone, certainly from office work and social media during honeymoon and relish your special days with your spouse.